• I'm Different From the Average Coach
    , Read more
  • Hypnosis Reappraised
    I have had several people contact me and ask if hypnosis can help in a variety of circumstances. My position on the efficacy of hypnosis on a plethora of issues Read more
  • It’s About Time
    Many people make New Year’s commitments to make changes in the new year. Lose weight, stop smoking, get a better job, save money, or whatever they might have thought about Read more
  • Holiday Stress and Survival
    The holidays are a joyous time for many. Still, the holidays are a time of stress and anxiety for many others, leading to a sense of sadness and feeling blue Read more
  • The Mind-Body Connection
    There is a lot of talk about the mind-body connection. In the 1900s, the American Medical Association (AMA) acknowledged a 100% connection between the mind and body. But unfortunately, there Read more
  • Negative Thoughts
    Many people have come to me complaining of negative thoughts. These thoughts lead to an adverse reaction in the body. Now, let’s examine what a thought is. Thoughts are real, Read more
  • Three Ways to Listen
    How do You Listen? We all listen. Those in the coaching business must learn how to listen to help clients gain insight and reach new goals and heights in personal development. This Read more
  • Hypnosis, an Instant Fix to Almost Everything - Quickly
    Many hypnotists tell their clients that they can fix almost every obstacle keeping them from a perfect fix (perfect life) in one or two sessions. Whether the promise is to Read more
  • Using Your Values as a Guidance System to Avoid Media Hypnosis
    Remember, in the last post, that I suggested the media, particularly TV commercials because you were in a relaxed, focused state and probably in an alpha brain wave. When the Read more
  • Can The Media Hypnotize You?
    For years people have asked if someone can be hypnotized against their will. Unfortunately, the answer is YES and NO! No, if you know what your mind is receiving, whether written, Read more
  • Is Hypnosis a Form of Alternative Care?
    When I talk to people about Hypnosis, they often assume that it and other therapies are "Alternative Therapies" that are ancillary to the "Traditional (allopathic) Medicine" (https://www.alive.com/health/let-food-be-your-medicine-and-medicine-be-your-food/). Western cultures have Read more
  • Why return to somewhere you might have been?
    In the past 90-days, I have seen an increased interest in past life regression. That interest got my curiosity, and I watched some YouTube accounts of children who could recount Read more
  • Coaching, is it any Good?
    The other day I had a client who came to me for coaching. He didn’t want hypnosis because he said he just needed a little help with one thing. He Read more
  • Guns or Gunners?
    This post is somewhat off my usual topic of posts of how hypnosis works. However, because of the recent mass shootings, I thought it might be helpful to look at Read more
  • Have you ever been hypnotized without even knowing it?
    The title question goes along with other questions or statements about resisting hypnosis or embracing it. Perhaps it would be helpful to give examples of how people go in and out Read more
  • Yikes – STRESS!
    In the last Newsletter/Blog, I listed some different types of stress and thong you can do to manage stress. Here is more information. Many psychologists have recommended that people refrain from Read more

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