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Several years ago I called an acquaintance and asked how I might coach golfers over the phone to play a better game.

He asked me, how I could do that. Instead of explaining, I gave him a short session on the phone. Here was the answer I received by email several days later. 

“There’s one simple thing every golfer wants, how do I improve my golf game without getting confused by a list of “Swing keys?” Jim Macy told me his mental approach to the golf swing flat works. I asked him how effective he felt he can be on a 10-point scale. His answer was short and right to the point, just like his mental approach to the game. Jim said, “100%”. When I said that’s a really bold statement, Jim said, “Let’s try it! You be the judge!” He delivered a 32-word statement to me with instructions to go do it.

I took Jim’s 32 words to the driving range and it worked. Then I took the 32 words to the course and played one of the best rounds in years. A week later I played with two of my best lifelong buddies. I couldn’t wait to share the 32 words with them. I did and all three of us played the best rounds we had played in years.

Do you want to play better golf?

Hurry up. Pay Jim Macy to learn his 32 words. You’ll love what they do for you.

Enjoy a day improving your golf game by 2, 4, or even 10 strokes. Learn what professional golfers practice as much as their driving, chipping, or putting.

In this fun and informative program discover what 99% of amateur golfers never use.

Golf is a mind sport as much as it is physical. 80% of a golfer’s score depends on how the golfer thinks. Top sports psychologists highly recommend that athletes train their BRAIN as well as their muscles, especially golfers.

This program allows any golfer, to improve his or her game and be more consistent from round to round.


  • Learn how to quickly and easily:
  • Focus inward
  • Increase your confidence
  • Relax before each shot
  • Do away with outside pressure
  • How to play in the moment
  • Lower your handicap
  • Become more consistent
  • Play better tournaments
  • Think like a champion


Have more fun


Great golf depends on your skill, your attitude, and what you think before you pick up a club for your next shot.

You’ve invested in professional coaches to analyze your swing, choose the right clubs for you, and show you how to swing your clubs. Now learn the secret many champion golfers use and how you can apply it right away.

It’s time for you to develop your mental game to lower your score.

Discover how much better you play your very next game.

/s/ Jim Vernes, PGA Instructor”

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