It’s About Time

Many people make New Year’s commitments to make changes in the new year. Lose weight, stop smoking, get a better job, save money, or whatever they might have thought about making changes. Then, somewhere around February, those promises, commitments, and motivation stop, and the old habits reappear, ready to keep the status quo. What happened?

All those resolutions made with good and honest intentions got lost in the daily routines and needs previously in place. The resolutions were not implanted as the new you. What could have changed for you to keep those good resolutions, good ideas, and good intentions from taking hold? You have to know how to embed those resolutions so they will stick.

Imagine you are a smoker, and you want to quit. You now know that the conscious mind is about 12% of the mind’s power. You have heard people say we only use a small part of our mind, and they are right when speaking about the conscious mind. What about the other 88%? That is the unconscious mind, and people will tell you to watch what you say around children. They are like sponges, and they soak up everything. That is because children live in the unconscious mind where imagining and pretending abide. Back to the smoker that says they want to quit – a conscious mind want. A message goes to the unconscious mind that says, “I want to quit.” The subconscious mind looks up why you started smoking and sends a return message, “No, you don’t because you have good reasons to smoke.” Whoa, now there is a tug-of-war, 88% vs. 12%. Who wins? Eighty-eight percent almost all the time. Now do people quit smoking? Willpower comes in at 1%, drugs come in at about 15%, and hypnosis is about 34%. The treatment-wide average includes beginner hypnotists, script-reader hypnotists, and a small percentage of seasoned and well-trained hypnotists. Well-trained hypnotists who know the psychology behind their craft will hit 75% or better. These are the same results as resolutions made in good faith for the new year.

Dr. William Kroger, MD, once said, “Most psychotherapy is like watching hypnosis in slow motion.” If you are about to hit the resolution wall, call before that happens. Hypnosis works with the 88% subconscious mind, so when you send that message about quitting to the subconscious mind, you will get an agreement 12%+88% makes you virtually unstoppable. So what do you want to change?

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