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You can enhance your personal development using our hypnosis or coaching programs. Choose the one that fits your needs and discover the new you. As always, we offer a no-cost 30-minute Discovery conversation to help you make an informed decision.


Smoking Cessation

Do you know it is possible to successfully quit smoking? In our scientifically designed Smoking Cessation Program, you can become a non-smoker for Life!

No patches, prescriptions or gums. All without Side-effects! Our program is specially designed to utilize your powerful subconscious mind.

Just like any other habit, the smoking habit can be broken. We have developed an effective solution to help you completely eliminate this unhealthy habit from your life.

You can benefit from Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as taught by Gary Craig. You will experience your body recovering from toxins and poisonous chemicals within 24 hours.


Weight Loss

We understand how frustrating it is to be on the lose-weight-yo-yo, losing weight, gaining it back. We have a permanent solution for your life-long weight control.

How to decide if you need our Weight Loss Program:

  • If stress leads you to overeating
  • If your willpower is weak
  • If your coping mechanism involves eating excessively
  • If you feel guilty after every episode of indulgence and still can’t help it.
  • Eating only cures one thing ̶ HUNGER!
  • We will suggest what Self-talk recordings will fit your progress.
  • Weight loss is about motivation and commitment.

In our program:

  • We expect you to commit to a 3 to 6-month program (after all, you didn't gain all your unwanted pounds overnight) to achieving your ideal weight. You didn’t gain your excess weight overnight and it wouldn't be healthy to get rid of it overnight.
  • We will provide Accountability Coaching support between your sessions to ensure your best follow through, help you track your dietary accomplishments, to create a permanent weight loss (no more yo-yo loss and gain).
  • We will celebrate your successes with you.
  • We will contact your healthcare professional for a referral from that professional at no cost to you.
  • We may provide you with a supportive hypnosis recording for daily listening.
  • We do not practice medicine, but we do work with your doctor to provide real results.

Please commit yourself to:

  • Regularly listen to Self-talk recordings every day for 15 minutes
  • Sign up for, an app that helps you track your caloric, carb, protein, and fat intake.
  • Retrain your brain (this is what you will do in your hypnosis sessions) to become slimmer, more energetic, and live a healthier lifestyle.

B2B Wellness and Benefits

Our Wellness and Benefits program is specifically designed for our B2B clients on-site. We work with businesses through the Human Resources Departments to provide consultation and coaching sessions to employees during or after their shift hours. Each program is designed to be 90-minute long.

These programs are intended to work with the business’s health insurance to reduce the insurance premium costs to the business

Our popular programs offered in a B2B Wellness and Benefits program are:

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Stress or Anger Management Program
  • Mindfulness Program
  • Custom Program Development

Your mental health and well-being are our top priority and as much as we love to have a session with you in person, we value your safety and physical health as well. Macy’s Hypnosis and Success Coaching has developed and has used distance sessions over the phone since 2013. Our dedication to distance sessions has proven to protect you from risks of contracting novel virus Covid-19.

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