Misty Lake, Herb 'N Oil, June, 2022

"Jim is an extremely knowledgeable, experienced and talented therapist! He has many "tools" in his toolbox to help you achieve your goals whether it is health related (like smoking cessation or overeating) or personal or professional growth. I have no hesitation in referring clients to him especially knowing that they can have their session in the comfort of their own homes. Thank you Jim for providing these services."

Mike Carey, Alternative Solutions 4 Health, June 2022

"Jim has the ability to help people with issues that medical doctors don´t address or fail to treat."

Mike - 7 February 2022

Jim was great He helped me to stop smoking , gave me clarity , and the tools I’ll need to get thru this

Perry - 8 October 2021

Dr. Jim Macy is an amazingly insightful professional. He locked into my thought prices and belief system and was able to communicate with me in a easy i understood. He is truly a professional who takes his clients personally, remembers details, prepares for his sessions and I always leave feelinf progressively better. His sessions brought me from frustrated and hopeless to having quite a bit of control over my emotions and state of mind. My family has benefited tremendously and consistently.

Richard Knoblaugh - 24 September 2021

I am a retired physician. I have a chronic problem with being unable to sleep. Jim has helped me with hypnotherapy . He is very patient and always available for my calls and questions. His hypnotherapy has really helped. At first it intermittently helped but he as stayed with me and now see real progress.
I tried over counter meds and prescribed meds and this the only treatment that has been effective is hypnotherapy. would highly recommend his expertise. Medication can have negative effect on cognition i.e. that is your thinking and your brains ability to process information.

Cecile C - 7 July 2021


Being of an inquisitive mind I wanted to explore hypnotherapy but needed comparison. I did an in-person session with a practitioner yesterday and a tele-session with Dr Macy today. I am still stunned, I am now a believer that not all hypnotherapists are created equal. At the end of the session Dr Macy asked me how did I feel about "the situation" post therapy. After stuttering (I'm never at a loss for words) a few times while incomprehensible incapable of finding the prior painful emotions he just laughed.

Oh yeah, Dr. Macy has wonderful sense of humor; he's pleasant, uplifting, comforting, and just an all round beautiful soul.
Dr. Macy thank you, you are my Jedi.

Fred -30 June 2021

Exceptional communication skills to client's

Annette Andonian - 17 June 2021

It was a really good experience for me. Was a little skeptical but that was gone after first visit. Love his voice.

Hypnosis with Jim Macy

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