Ageing With Prescriptions

Because there are only two ways for the body to cleanse itself of toxins, it is critical that as we age, we must take care of those cleansing systems. One is the hepatic (liver), and the other is the renal (kidneys). Many medications older people take are flushed out by their kidneys, which can occasionally damage or exacerbate preexisting renal (kidney) disease. Many people live with stage 2, 3, or even four without knowing the danger they are in for end-stage kidney disease and dialysis. What’s more, chronic kidney disease is one of the highest risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

These are some markers that your medical professional can monitor with appropriate blood tests. If you are concerned about kidney disease, follow these markers, including your glomerular filtration rate (GFR ), creatinine level, and BUN ratios. For more information on these markers that your medical professional should track, check out the Davita website devoted to kidney health.

Why should you be interested in these markers and what they mean? Because as we age, doctors tend to give us more prescriptions, many of which are toxic and dangerous to our filtration systems. There are many OTC medications that someone with liver or kidney issues should watch. I recommend asking a pharmacist if the prescription or OTC medications, including (many painkillers) are hepatic or renal morbid.

For example, NSAIDS, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, include aspirin (Bayer, Anacin, and Bufferin), naproxen (Aleve), and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin). On the prescription side, NSAIDs are commonly used to treat pain from arthritis, gout, menstrual cramps, and headaches. Some better-known prescription analgesics include codeine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, and methadone. Acetaminophen may be OTC or prescription and includes brands such as Tylenol and Actamin.

A Medical Doctor told me when I was attending a course in pain management that all prescription medications are toxic to the human body. It would be best to weigh the advantages against the side effects of the drugs you take. As a disclaimer, I am not a medical doctor and CANNOT or WILL NOT prescribe what you should or should not take. This post educates those who read it and discusses with your medical professional how far you want to challenge your body.

There are alternatives to many drugs, and as a hypnotist, I have employed many ways to alleviate symptoms and allow my clients to effect cures for their conditions. I welcome medical referrals, but they are unnecessary for me to help you improve your health and vitality. Call me for a consultation so we can discuss your situation. Remember, I will not discuss the taking, increasing, diminishing, or removing any prescribed medications or appliances. Call me now before my schedule for next month fills up. Also, if you are not on my email list, sign up here (go to the bottom of any page). If you prefer to have me do it for you, call, text, or email me, and I will sign you up. You can opt-out at any time. Jim Macy, Ph.D. , MS 559-285-0784

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