I'm Different From the Average Coach

I get many questions about hypnosis through my website, but rarely about success coaching. Most questions about coaching revolve around these areas of life.

Here are a few:

  • Family and friends,
  • Significant other,
  • Career,
  • Health,
  • Home environment (Personal space),
  • Fun and leisure,
  • Money,
  • Personal growth.

Some Alignable comments:

One question asked me about my qualifications and what made me different from all the Life Coaches proliferating the Internet.

What a great question because I have rarely differentiated myself from other coaches. However, I thought this might be a good time to let people know how I work which is different from other coaches they have talked to.

Here is my response to what makes me different.


  • A degree in Philosophy. This is where I learned to think.
  • A Master of Science degree in Psychology taught me the value of scholarly research and how to do credible research.
  • Certification as a hypnotherapist. from an accredited college of hypnosis.
  • A certified Life Coach after completing the program under the tutelage of Dr. Helmstetter, Ph.D., including passing a personal interview with him.
  • I learned what most other coaches learned to become “certified” coaches.
  • In addition to my post-doctorate degrees and continue to take advantage of continuing education through the American Psychological Association (APA).


  • I have over twenty-five years of professional practice which has prepared me to research cutting-edge practices.


  • According to Pfurtscheller and Berghold (1989), all learning happens in the subconscious mind. In my hypnosis practice,


  • I am a Neuro-Linguistic-Program (NLP) practitioner at the master’s level.
  • Consulting Hypnotist. Both of these programs teach the changes in a coaching session that connects at the subconscious level of learning.
  • Master’s degree in Psychology.


  • American Psychological Association (APA).
  • National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).

Who do I work with?

  • Individuals that need help in the areas mentioned above, and want fast permanent results
  • Small business owners who are spinning their wheels and want traction quickly.

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