Staying Connected With Customers or Clients

When I was a Realtor in California, I wanted to be able to call my clients and potential clients every 30 days and let them know I was available to them. The problems with that goal were:
1. No one wants to hear from their RE agent every 30 days.
2. Real estate is not foremost on their minds after they have purchased a home.
3. People are not in the “referral” mode and many referrals become non-referrals.
4. Buyers and sellers may see the sale or purchase of a home as a single transactional purchase or sale. I succeeded in overcoming all these objections, one at a time. Eventually, after a month or two of trial and error, I developed a system that let me call my prospects and clients every month, and they were happy to hear from me and refer to me. It is an easy system that takes a few minutes each day.  

Here is an example: I will use 300 calls a month as the number of calls to make each month.Example:1) 300 clients divided by 25 work days in a month equals 12 calls per day.2) Time on the phone or answering machine (yes, leaving a message is ok, and no one will tell you not to call because you left a message).  3) Your contact with your client/prospect is about 3 minutes long, at the most. Result: 12 calls times 3 minutes equals 36 minutes a day to remind them of who you are and give you referrals. This is a complete ready-made program and step-by-step instructions. Initially, it may take some setup time depending on your list and whether they are programmed into your computer. Plan on spending a few hours setting everything up, then you will be set to call and have them love to hear from you every month. Call me. Let’s talk. Jim Macy, Ph.D., MS

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