Duty to Inform

This blog is somewhat different from all the other blogs I have posted, but it is necessary for several reasons. Let me lay out the personal context of what I will be writing about.

  • Several years ago, I was earning my master’s degree in psychology with a specialty in forensic psychology. I was attending graduate school at the time when Mr. Trump was president and was a topic of discussion among the students in various classes in the study of psychology. At that time, I had written some posts on Facebook stating that Mr. Trump had some serious mental conditions that I felt made him a dangerous person, particularly given his position as the 45th President of the United States. Some of my family took offense to my analysis and stated that I was not qualified to draw such conclusions.
  •  I have always been interested in Psychology in college, and as a Hypnotist I was and am intensely interested in the human mind and the diagnoses I alluded to at that time.
  • I have followed the mental decline of Mr. Trump since he left office, in particular, what acclaimed psychiatrists and psychologists have said about his mental disorders.
  • I am concerned about the mental condition that seems to be prevalent in the United States today with the country seemly focused on the differences between people instead of the similarities. We are seeing more violence, less tolerance, and more bigotry than I can remember; and I remember WWII as it affected my family and the rationing of food and products.
  • I feel it is now my responsibility to do what I can to preserve any semblance of our country, and perhaps the world to pull us back to a more peaceful and civil time.
  • I know I am not qualified to do this alone, and my voice is too small for many to hear. I know that my blog readers may opt out of future blogs because of this one and that will hurt my business. However, I feel the stakes are too high to be silent, and my integrity demands I say something.

In conclusion, I simply ask that regardless of your opinions on the situation today and your feelings about Mr. Trump, you please take the time to listen and watch what one of the world’s top psychiatrists has to say about our precious world. Here is the link, and I thank you for your tolerance. Bandy X. Lee speaks out on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DREKGn4nPhQ

If you do not know who Bandy Lee is, here is another post regarding her qualifications, and the sacrifice she has made as a result of her efforts and Duty to Inform.


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