• What‘s all the fuss About LGBTQ?
    June is the LGBTQ Pride month and there have been flag raisings marches and gatherings celebrating the different lifestyles of the LGBTQ communities throughout the United States. Is this group of Read more
  • More About Stress
    Last time I discussed some of how to manage stress, here is more information. There are things in our world that cause virtually universal stress, at least in the United Read more
  • How to Manage Stress
    Managing stress is an everyday activity for all of us. Some handle stress with exercise, others with meditation, and others by lashing out in an attempt to relieve the internal Read more
  • What is a good “Elevator Pitch”?
    This question has often come up with networkers and business owners or salespeople wanting to make a quick introduction to their business or product. Many people have asked me to Read more
  • Why Use Both Hypnosis and Success Coaching?
    Jim is a certified Life Coach and a Certified Hypnotist and has found that sometimes hypnosis entails some coaching and some coaching entails hypnosis.  However, it might be useful to Read more
  • Medical Referrals – A Necessary Precaution
    Medical referrals are necessary to ensure hypnosis is not practicing medicne without a license. Read more
  • An Interesting Koan
    An interesting Koan with a curious answer Read more
  • What is the Higher Self?
    Erickson's healthy powerful cord is in every person Read more
  • Stress in the U.S. Today
    Pandemic has long-lasting psychological consequences Read more
  • Why Hypnosis Works
      One of the main concepts in Ericksonian hypnosis is that we all have something that knows. Erickson believed that everyone has a powerful core that is healthy. Hypnosis is the Read more
  • A Chinese Farmer and his Horse
    Dr. Milton Erickson, MD, is one of the most studied hypnotists in the twentieth century. He accomplished more through storytelling, metaphors, and similies than many of his contemporaries and even Read more
  • Hypnosis, what to expect
    What can you expect in a Hypnosis Session? In the last blog post, I discussed some of the fiction Hollywood has ascribed to hypnosis. Here is the rest of the story. Hypnosis Read more
  • Hypnosis, Myths and Misconceptions
    The movies and Hollywood have invented their own style of hypnosis which is moosly based on what hypnosis really is and how it works Read more

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