Coaching, is it any Good?

The other day I had a client who came to me for coaching. He didn’t want hypnosis because he said he just needed a little help with one thing. He told me he thought coaching was like fixing an out-of-balance tire shaking the car as he drove down the road. When he stopped and balanced the tire, the car ride rode more smoothly and safer. He said coaching time was like getting the tire balanced.

To me, that was an excellent metaphor for what coaching can do to smooth out the bumps in the road of life. It also fits in well with my coaching wheel of life and its components. My client had his session with me, and we got his wheel balanced, but then he discovered that there were other things that he could do to make his life’s travels even better. So I gave him a copy of my coaching wheel and let him take it home. So he had time to process his transformation with me and how he might benefit from more insights.

Remember, there are more wheels on the car, and many things may be in the way of a smooth future. I gave my client time to process the things he wanted to change based on his new understanding. Once he had the freedom to move at his own pace and not be rushed, he was ready to advance even more. I am helping him with other things like Relationships, Finances, Friends and family, Career, work and job, Personal growth, Leisure and vacation time, Health, Home environment, and so much more.

Humans are complicated; sometimes, it is good to have an experienced empathetic listener to help sort things out.

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