More About Stress

Last time I discussed some of how to manage stress, here is more information. There are things in our world that cause virtually universal stress, at least in the United States culture. For the past two years, the top contender has been no surprise to anyone aware of the pandemic. The isolation, lack of touching, and separation from family and loved ones have added to what psychologists say will have repercussions for years, possibly decades to come. My second worst offender is the news. Many psychologists have recommended that people who feel stressed should abstain from newscasts, newspapers, and radio news. If you must know what is happening worldwide, then watch no more than 15-minutes of news. Beyond that information, you don't need to learn about it daily. Local news may be more relevant, but avoiding a heavy dose of news entertainment won't hurt.

Here are some additional ubiquitous stressors:

  • Time – work time, home time, and family time need to be monitored.
  • Weather – this is a generic stressor we cannot do anything to change.
  • Change – we are creatures of routines. That is how we get through the day.
  • Crowds – this stressor may be more of a personal nature than other generic stressors.
  • Traffic – is a more specific stressor. Is the traffic too fast, crowded, or slow?

And just a couple of more:

  • Neighbors – helpful or a pain? Nosey or standoffish?
  • Illness, hospitalization (remember COVID-19?).
  • Job – Lay-offs or shift changes that disturb the circadian rhythm.

The good news is that you can manage these and many other stressors or frustrations without drugs or harmful effects on your body.

If you need help dealing with stress, please call for a free evaluation.

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