Yikes – STRESS!

In the last Newsletter/Blog, I listed some different types of stress and thong you can do to manage stress. Here is more information.

Many psychologists have recommended that people refrain from watching or reading too many newscasts, newspapers, and radio news. Okay, now for some easy things you can do:

1) If you must know what is happening worldwide, watch no more than 15-minutes of news. Beyond the local information, you don't need to follow daily world news. Local news may be more relevant, but avoiding a heavy dose of news will cut your stress levels.

2) Mindfulness – This is a simple timeout for your brain. It is easy. Here's how: sit or lay down comfortably for two minutes, close your eyes, and focus your attention on one thing. I recommend my clients focus on breathing, but you could also focus on your heartbeat. Either one will be okay. If other thoughts come into your mind, refocus your attention on your breathing. The point here is to slow your thoughts down and be in the moment.

3) Listen to soothing music, especially if it has binaural brainwave patterns. That means one ear hears one frequency and the other a slightly different frequency. It is like the fifth harmony in a barbershop quartet.

4) Stretch and move around. For example, try walking in a circle and breathe at the rate of one breath for each step; you take slow steps and focused breathing.

5) Quantify and Quality your stressors or frustrations. Give your stress a name (qualifying the stressor or frustration), "not enough money." And a quantification on a scale of 1 – 10. That acknowledgment of what you are experiencing can alleviate some of the quantity or power of the stressor.

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