Using Your Values as a Guidance System to Avoid Media Hypnosis

Remember, in the last post, that I suggested the media, particularly TV commercials because you were in a relaxed, focused state and probably in an alpha brain wave. When the commercial snapped you out of that relaxed state, you became aware of the commercial.

Sometimes negative media, particularly fact-based news or documentary programs, can allow you to drift in and out of focused attention and become more susceptible to an unconscious buy-in.

The easy answer is to avoid those types of programs and limit yourself to no more than a half hour per day. Limiting your news time is also great advice for helping to reduce daily stress. In any event, be aware that you are a unique individual with your values and ethical compass.

When watching a news or documentary TV show, you need to measure what the show is offering against your values. Are the shows in agreement with what you hold true, or are they misaligned? Is the show supporting or challenging your values and moral compass? Viewpoint.

More than likely, you are better off not watching this type of show for your mental health unless you're trying to understand the contrary viewpoint.

However, if you watch those programs with a lax attitude, the show's ideas might unconsciously take hold of your mind.

When that happens, it can lead you to develop inner conflicts.

If you still want to be informed, what can you do? News shows with their slanted commentary exist because people need to know what's happening, whether on a  local, national, or international level.

Here are some tips that will help you steer away from as much negative media influence as possible:

Be vigilant and carefully scrutinize the programs you watch.

When watching entertaining programs, be are of the commercials to reject or accept what they are selling

Watch programs aligned with your principles, values, and ethical compass.

Watch feel-good positive news stories

Blocking out all the negative news is impossible. Particularly when you don't know what the next story will be, what will or showing up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the like.

To sum up, to avoid being overly influenced by the media, be more aware of the type of news, marketing, sales pitches, and anything that assaults your integrity. You can take back who you are by being selectively aware of what you watch and how you engage with your media environment.

If you feel like you have lost the battle and your compass is giving you the wrong directions, I am here to help you regain your emotional equilibrium.

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