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Many hypnotists tell their clients that they can fix almost every obstacle keeping them from a perfect fix (perfect life) in one or two sessions. Whether the promise is to cure a smoking habit or addiction or change a mindset to losing weight, losing the sugar, chocolate, or caffeine cravings in one session.

The truth is that hypnotherapists cannot make that promise. Why? Because the hypnotherapist is not in control over what the client chooses to change and when they will make that change. Clients have hired me after being disappointed by promises or possibly a prediction of what will happen.

Hypnosis is a great way to change from quitting smoking to losing weight, overcoming fears, and getting over a long relationship. Dr. William Kroger, MD, said, “Most psychotherapy is like watching Hypnosis in slow motion.” That does not mean that hypnosis is a magic pill that, taken once, will cure everything. Many times clients will need follow-up sessions. But, again, that does not mean that a session has failed. Instead, it may mean more therapy is necessary to lock in the changes the client wants.

Another issue hypnosis clients need to be aware of is that unless the hypnotist is a medical professional licensed to practice medicine in the client’s state of residency. A hypnotist whose client wants to use hypnosis to work on something diagnosed by a medical doctor opens the hypnotherapist to practicing medicine without a license. Examples include, but are not limited to, weight loss over vanity weight, obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADHD, FAS, depression, phobias, and diagnoses listed in the MSD-V.

A hypnosis client should ask their hypnotist about the therapist’s education and how they work with the medical profession with diagnosed medical (including mental issues).

What can a hypnotist do without fear of practicing medicine without a license? Smoking Cessation is one item since there is no etiology involved with smoking. Minor weight loss is okay as long as the loss is within vanity weight loss. Also, feeling blue or sad (not depression), fears of an identifiable beginning incident, excessive alcohol abuse, and many addictions brought on by behaviors or habits.

If you want to know what hypnotists can safely treat, even those listed that are off limits to most hypnotists, call Jim at 559-285-0784.

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