What‘s all the fuss About LGBTQ?

June is the LGBTQ Pride month and there have been flag raisings marches and gatherings celebrating the different lifestyles of the LGBTQ communities throughout the United States.

Is this group of lifestyles something we ought to celebrate or despise as unnatural and somehow perverted? If I change the question to, “Is the Black lifestyle or the Native American lifestyle something we should celebrate?” does it make any sense of how we ought to see the LGBTQ communities? Scientists say they have discovered homosexual activities in more than 1,500 species of animals in the world today. Scientists are also in agreement with the medical profession that if you cut into any mammal or other animal dependent on blood it will bleed the same color. Red for oxygenated blood, blue or purple for oxygen-deprived blood.  Put a blood sample on a slide and you cannot tell what the lifestyle of the animal is or was.

From a theological point of view, we might say that the LGBTQers are an abomination and ought to be removed from the Earth. And this is the argument of many who interpret the Christian Bible in its literal and most radical interpretation. Did God make a mistake and allow homosexuals to exist? If she* did, then she has made the same mistake more than 1,500 times, but I don’t think that most learned theologians would agree. They would say, “God doesn’t make that kind of mistake or that often!”

So, I suggest our human purpose in LGBTQ recognizing all other differences is to find the good in all people regardless of orientation, color, or ethnicity. Each person is absolutely unique and has unique abilities and contributions that we call the family of man. Give each group its day in the sun, celebrate and become more aware of the uniqueness and the similarities of each one.

* El Shaddai – The Breasted One, or see Exodus 6:2-3, Psalm 87, Galatians 4:26, and Revelations 12

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