Negative Thoughts

Many people have come to me complaining of negative thoughts. These thoughts lead to an adverse reaction in the body. Now, let’s examine what a thought is. Thoughts are real, and thoughts can absorb power or energy, either positive or negative, or no power at all. It can create a negative result in the body. The mind is proactive; the body is reactive. In the end, thoughts are part of the process by which we create our map of the world. They are also the beginning of enhancing the imagination.

Byron Katie said that you cannot let go of a thought. It will let go of you when you see it for what it is. Now, we can understand the thought and its consequences. Two things have to happen. First, you have to have the thought, and second, you have to buy into the thought by giving it power and energy. This idea illustrates the axiom: “where attention goes, energy flows, and the result grows.”

If you have a negative thought, ask yourself, “Why are negative thoughts a problem, and what kind of energy have you given it?” Some people can trace negative thoughts back to their childhood events and self-talk at that younger age. For example,, did your parents tell you that you were not any good at ­­­­­­___? Did that become your self-talk? “I’m no  good at _________.” Or, “I’m so slow I cannot learn anything.” These would be deep-rooted thoughts, and you may have given them power throughout the years. Look at the consequences of the negative thoughts you are dealing with and decide do you want to continue believing these negative thoughts. What might your future look like if you didn’t have these albatrosses holding you down?

To overcome unwanted thoughts, you either have to overpower them with a different (and positive) thought or take the focused attention from them, thus reducing their power. This method of neutralizing negative thoughts uses the law of dominant effect, meaning that stronger emotions (feelings) replace weaker ones. As you focus on positive thoughts with powerful feelings and emotions, the unwanted negative thoughts will be replaced as they weaken and leave you.

One caveat is that too many people expect instant results on their first attempt at ridding themselves of negativity. The law of successive approximations says that changes may happen gradually. After all, people don’t leap over tall buildings in a single bound!

If you have negative thoughts and need help getting rid of them, contact me for professional help.

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