The Mind-Body Connection

There is a lot of talk about the mind-body connection. In the 1900s, the American Medical Association (AMA) acknowledged a 100% connection between the mind and body. But unfortunately, there has been little research in the medical community regarding how to utilize this connection.

Hypnotists and Psychologists have taken the lead in discovering the tremendous power each of us has to utilize the mind to repair, change and cure physical and mental issues.

If there is a mind-body connection, where is the mind part? Let’s start with the body. Skin, fascia, bones, tendons, nerves, muscles, circulatory system, all organs, including the brain, and anything a student of physical anatomy would say is part of the body.

Wow, that covers the body part of the equation, but where is the mind? In my world, there are three mind centers, the conscious mind (about 12% of the total mind), the unconscious mind (the other 88%), and the higher mind or self (may be thought of as the soul or higher self). The mind is proactive, while the body is reactive. Here is an example. Imagine you are invited to a function and have RSVPed but don’t want to go. You call the host and beg off, saying you have an upset stomach and a slight fever. That is the proactive message the mind sends to the reactive body. Sure enough, the body responds to this suggestion. You get an upset stomach and slight fever to accommodate and make the suggestion a true statement. Do all suggestions translate into a truth-making body reaction? Of course not, especially those people who have insulated themselves from the consequences of suggestions made that are not truthful.

Here is a suggestion that is reasonable and practical. It is a suggestion to you that I have used over decades of working with people who want to use hypnosis.

  • The mind is the programmer of the computer that runs the body.
  • The computer is the organ we call the brain.
  • The conscious mind is a filter to the computer.
  • The unconscious mind is the programmer.
  • The higher self connects to Universal Knowledge. Then, depending on your religious preference, you call God, Buddha, or any other deity figure to which you are comfortably aligned.

So the mind is a resident in the body but is not the body. If you apply this construct to your daily life, you can program your body to effect healing changes. Your body creates feedback to your mind, creating permanent changes in your mind and body.

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