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One of my trusted partners is Monica Kahio, a professional personal environmental specialist.

Here is all her contact information. There is no need to go through me to get the best possible help cleaning the air you breathe and switching to alkaline drinking water filtration systems.

Monica Kahio, a Certified Indoor Health Tech Essentials & Nutrition Specialist.



 Uncompromising Health

Ph: 770-428-2797 (o) 770-688-7713 (c)


While Monica lives in Georgia, she has clients worldwide; you will find her down-to-earth and professional when you call her for more information.

Here are some links for more information.

https://vimeo.com/385326766 : https://moka.switchtofreedom.com/go11/JM  These are links to  educational videos (about 7 minutes) on the difference between alkaline and acidic water we drink daily. The videos are designed as background information on what alkaline water is and can do for your health.

Now, Get the BEST water available. I have verified this information and the effects of drinking alkaline water with a medical doctor whose family uses alkaline water in their home because it promotes a healthier lifestyle.

All water is not created equally (especially when it is highly processed and delivered to your home).

https://vimeo.com/543650290 This link to Laundry Pro 2, a chemical-free way to clean clothes far cleaner than using detergents and bleaches. (major hotels have been using  similar technology for years.) It is also a money saver, as indicated by the following screenshot

For more information, call Monica!

This link may be the best of all!

https://vimeo.com/511803474 This video is less than a 2-minute watch, but the information is valuable. My family has this protection in our home, and it has saved computer boards and all our electronics from brown-outs and spikes, giving us the protection that friends didn’t have until they lost computer board after computer board and appliance after appliance at the cost of 4 or 5 times the price of this protection. Think of this product as a one-time insurance protection for the next 25 years and beyond.

Call Monica for more information!

For help overcoming stress, eating issues, pre- or post-operation anxiety, or any other medical problem, remember, Dr. Richard Nongard (2012) said,

Hypnosis is not an alternative or complementary idea that has some uses with some medical clients. Hypnotherapy is, in fact, a first-line intervention. With some medical conditions, it is, in fact, the preferred method of helping clients to achieve success, wellness, and contentment.

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Nongard, R., K., Hazlerig, J. (Ed.), Medical Hypnotherapy: Techniques, scripts and processes

            or effective hypnosis and healing. Chap. 1. Peach Tree Professional Education, Inc.

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