• Is Your Workplace Toxic
    According to a recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA), nearly 1 in 5 employees state that their workplace is somewhat or very toxic. Arthur C. Evans, the Read more
  • CDC Emergency Information on Men's Cancer
    I just received an email from the CDC regarding cancer and men. Men seem to be more prone to getting cancer than women, and more men than women are dying Read more
  • Yikes – STRESS!
    In the last Newsletter/Blog, I listed some different types of stress and thong you can do to manage stress. Here is more information. Many psychologists have recommended that people refrain from Read more
  • How to Manage Stress
    Managing stress is an everyday activity for all of us. Some handle stress with exercise, others with meditation, and others by lashing out in an attempt to relieve the internal Read more
  • Stress in the U.S. Today
    Pandemic has long-lasting psychological consequences Read more

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