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Hypnosis, Myths and Misconceptions

This blog is the first on our new website, so I thought I would start with some of the most common myths and misconceptions many people have about hypnosis.

Where do people get these myths and misconceptions? Several places, Movies, the Internet, and the misinformed or those whose perspective is simply wrong. Entertainment hypnosis is a legitimate form of hypnosis, but its purpose is entertainment. Therapeutic hypnosis is another form that plays an essential role in traditional medicine. It can help alleviate a myriad of medical and mental issues.

Hypnotherapy can work with modern medicine to speed healing, relieve pain, and more.

The American Psychological Association (APA) lists a few of the more relevant myths you might have heard:

1) I will be under the control of the hypnotist.

False: the person experiencing hypnosis is in control.

2) Hypnotized people are gullible or weak-minded.

          False: Research has proven that hypnosis has helped many people. More intelligent people are usually better at going into that mindset.

3) You can get stuck in hypnosis.

          False: Hypnosis is something like daydreaming. You can never get stuck, and since you allow yourself to go into that mind-state, you can bring yourself back out whenever you want.

4) A person is unconscious when in hypnosis.

          False: During hypnosis, a person is not asleep or unconscious. Hypnotized people may feel relaxed, but they actively participate during the entire session.

5) Does hypnosis have a feeling?

          Most people describe the experience as relaxing, peaceful, absorbing, different, comfortable, and focused. However, hypnosis does not have a feeling any more than a person would say, “I feel like I am watching TV” when watching TV.

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