Who uses Hypnosis??

Some examples of who uses hypnosis

Basketball Greats:

  • Kobe Bryant
  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Michael Jordan

Well known Golfers:

  • Tiger Woods
  • Jack Nicklaus and many, many others

Sports Teams too:

  • The 1983 Chicago White Sox.
  • The 1960’s Swiss national ski team
  • Members of the 1982 U.S. team competing in the Atlantic Judo Championships…

Why would you use Hypnosis?

Your memories, fears, beliefs, and perceptions shape your decision making and influence the direction of your life. You can give your life a new direction by harnessing the power of your subconscious mind using hypnosis you can deliver or perform desired actions and get positive results.

Here are the lasting overall success rates of some different therapies:

  • Hypnotherapy had a massive 93% success rate after only 6 sessions.
  • Behavioral therapy of only a 72% success rate after 22 sessions on average.
  • Psychotherapy and only 38% success rate after an average of 600 sessions (Barrios, A. A. 1970, p. 5).


Barrios, A. A. (1970). Hypnotherapy: A reappraisal. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice, 7(1), 2–7. https://doi.org/10.1037/h0086544

How does Hypnosis help?

Hypnosis has resulted in effectively curing a variety of issues including


Becoming a non
smoker for Life

3-Gold, or the Platinum Program.

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Successfully manage
your weight:

1-Lose weight
2-Gain weight
3-Control eating disorders
4-Bing eating
5-Extending your palette.

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Heal your

2-Academic or athletic performance
3-Fears and Phobias
4-Stressor anger management
5-Personal Success Coaching

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Heal your

2-Stroke Survivor – Rewiring the brain
4-Sexual abused Survivor

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Your memories, fears, beliefs, and perceptions shape your decision making and influence the direction of your life. You can give your life a new direction by harnessing the power of your subconscious mind using hypnosis you can deliver or perform desired actions and get positive results.

What They’re Saying

  • "Dr. Jim is very knowledgeable about hypnotherapy and I definitely have a great rapport with him. I would recommend him to anyone for hypnotherapy."
    Cheryl Stocker
  • "Dr. Jim, I wanted to share that I went out to eat with a friend tonight, and I did great.I wasn't dying for a cigarette. NON-SMOKER FOR LIFE. Thank-you so much"
    Sharon T.
  • "Dr. Jim Macy is an amazingly insightful professional. He locked into my thought processes and belief system and was able to communicate with me in an easy way I understood. He is truly a professional who takes his clients personally, remembers details, prepares for his sessions and I always leave feeling progressively better. His sessions brought me from frustrated and hopeless to having quite a bit of control over my emotions and state of mind. My family has benefitted tremendously and consistently."
    Perry W.
  • "I would like to thank Mr. Macy's fabulous job that he did I have lost an important item in my household it could not recollect its whereabouts Mr. Macy's is a professional well-spoken well educated individual who took the time out of his day give me hope and insight chords resolving my problem Mr. Macy's schedule an appointment for me. Mr. Macy took time out of his day to speak with me lower my tension my stress my fears my disappointments my negativity am I self-criticism to the point that it allowed me to wake up the next morning with a clear mind. Although I never got to experience a session with Mr. Macy, the 20-30 minute conversation we had prior to our session was instrumental in me recapping my lost memory and eventually ascertaining my goal of finding the item that was once lost...Thank you God bless you and your family and everything that you've done for me and everybody else you are truly a gem"
    Didier A.
  • "Jim was great
    He helped me to stop smoking,
    gave me clarity, and the tools I’ll need to get thru this"
  • "Being of an inquisitive mind I wanted to explore hypnosis but needed comparison. I did an in-person session with a practitioner yesterday and a tele-session with Dr. Macy today. I am still stunned, I am now a believer that not all hypnotherapists are created equal. At the end of the session, Dr. Macy asked me how did I feel about "the situation" post-therapy. After stuttering (I'm never at a loss for words) a few times while incomprehensible incapable of finding the prior painful emotions he just laughed.
    Oh yeah, Dr. Macy has a wonderful sense of humor; he's pleasant, uplifting, comforting, and just an all-around beautiful soul.
    Dr. Macy thank you, you are my Jedi"
    Cecil C.
  • "It was a really good experience for me. Was a little skeptical but that was gone after the first visit. Love his voice."
    Annette Andonian
  • "He was amazing, Nurturing, straightforward and relatable. Really enjoyed speaking to him!"
  • "Exceptional communication skills to client's"
  • "My family's experience with Dr.Jim Macy was nothing short of miraculous. I reached out to Jim Macy on a whim, out of options with my aunt who was been bed-ridden due to a stroke. In under a year, Jim not only got my aunt out of severe depression (she is now off meds), but she has recently taken her first steps in two years as a result of working with him.
    I can't speak highly enough of this practice... Jim has been a beacon of hope for my family and involved himself in the well-being of my aunt on such a level that he has changed her life immeasurably. I hope that anyone reading this is comforted in knowing that there is hope for whatever you're going through and Jim Macy can help."
    Haley M. Hollywood CA
  • "Jim Macy is the best! Super happy with him and the progress I have made with him! Highly recommend him to anyone!"
  • "I have a prospering business now, but several years ago I would have been out of business had it not been for my mentor, Jim Macy.
    He has been there guiding and helping me grow my business at far less cost than the profits I have made because of his coaching. He has fresh marketing ideas and is willing to listen to my problems and help me develop solutions."
    Lisa B. Clovis CA.
  • "I was in the middle of a really stressful time and Jim was recommended to me. In one session he was able to help me reduce my stress levels and also give me the motivation to keep moving forward."
    John R, Hollywood CA
  • "I didn't think I could afford a personal coach, I'm too young and had too many bills, but the coaching I have received has helped me find my path and to set goals, and move to a better job and money."
    R. Braninberg, OR.
  • "I had some personal issues I needed to change and get back to a healthier lifestyle. In one session Jim Made it happen!"
    E. Hughes.
  • "I didn't think it was possible to made changes in my life so quickly and easily."
    Steve W. Mesa, AZ
  • "This guy is the real deal! If you are serious about making changes and need some guidance he is the hypnotist to speak to.
    After a brief relaxation session on the phone (from the comfort of my own home) I felt so much more at ease with life...
    almost as if some weight was lifted off of my shoulders...I will definitely be going back-thanks for the help!"
    Erica D. Fresno, CA

Certificates & Verifications

I am a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)


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