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Hypnosis, what to expect

What can you expect in a Hypnosis Session?

In the last blog post, I discussed some of the fiction Hollywood has ascribed to hypnosis. Here is the rest of the story.

Hypnosis can come in all forms, from stressful or dangerous incidents to a beautiful relaxing session far away from any harm. Special Forces may escape the situation and extract themselves (dissociating) from the events surrounding them. Accident victims will usually drop into hypnosis when involved in a traumatic event. Many people will become so engrossed in a project they are working on that they go into a somewhat dissociated state called hypnosis.

In a typical hypnosis session with a qualified Hypnotist, the session is relaxing, fun, imaginative, and rewarding. People can access resources usually unavailable to them to make profound changes in their lives.

Many people ask me how hypnosis will feel. Every person who has ever lived goes in and out of hypnosis many times every day. Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness. Have you ever driven home and not remembered seeing the landmark you pass every day? Has someone had to call your name two or three times to get your attention when you were studying or watching an engaging, exciting show? Have you ever lost track of time when you were involved in a project? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have experienced hypnosis. Hypnosis might feel like an old friend you frequently visit with, or it may feel deeply relaxing. Perhaps you will feel more relaxed than you have ever felt. Some say they feel energized and almost say they had an unusual experience in hypnosis.

In a hypnosis session with a qualified Hypnotist, a person can make profound changes in behaviors, break habits, and create a more positive life.

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